DESIDERATA – Original Piece

ACRYLIC ON CANVAS – Single Product – 80cm x 60cm

DESIDERATA: Go smoothly between restlessness and haste, remembering that there is always peace in the silence. As much as possible without humbling yourself, stay in harmony with everyone around you. Speak your truth, clearly and meekly. Listen to the truth of others, as they too have their own story. Avoid agitated and aggressive people: they afflict our spirit. Don’t compare yourself to others by looking at people as superior or inferior to you: it would make you superficial and bitter.

Live intensely your ideals and what you have already achieved. Keep interest in your work, humble as he is, he is a true treasure in the changing times. Be prudent in everything you do, because the world is full of pitfalls. But don’t be blind to the good that always exists. Everywhere, life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Above all, do not simulate affection and do not turn love into a game, because, in the midst of so much aridity, it is as perennial as grass. Carefully accept the advice of your elders and be understanding of the innovative impulses of youth. Cultivate the strength of the spirit and you will be prepared to face the surprises of adverse luck. Do not despair at imaginary dangers: many fears stem from tiredness and loneliness.

Beside healthy discipline conserve, to himself, immense kindness. You are the son of the universe, brother of the stars and trees, you deserve to be here and, even if you cannot understand, the earth and the universe are fulfilling their destiny. So try to be at peace with God, whatever name you give it. In the midst of your work and aspirations, in your tiring journey through life, preserve, in the depths of your being, harmony and peace. Above all meanness, falsehood and disappointment, the world is still beautiful. Walk carefully, do everything to be happy and share your happiness with others “. Max Ehrmann (1872-1945)


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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm